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The sample evacuation plans below show St. Claire's ability to supply detailed drawings for different types of buildings. Please click on each individual image for a larger view of the evacuation plan.



Plant Evacuation Plan

This example shows the result of St. Claire's ability to work closely with large facilities to supply evacuation plans. St. Claire has developed a large number of evacuation plans for Fortune 500 companies. This shows our ability to develop evacuation plans for facilities ranging from 20,000 to over 6 million square feet. So regardless of the size of your facility, St. Claire can handle your job.



Office Building Evacuation Plan

The evacuation plan shown to the left illustrates St. Claire's ability to develop precise evacuation plans for office buildings. This plan was developed for a testing facility where many of the company's corporate personnel worked. By showing emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and other important items, St. Claire has helped this facility become a much safer building to work in.


School Building Evacuation Plan

This evacuation plan sample shows St. Claire's ability to work with a variety of customers, as this image shows a school's evacuation plan. By illustrating emergency escape routes and gathering areas, we have made this school a safer place to learn.



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