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Welcome to the St. Claire Lockout/Tagout home page. For over a half century, St. Claire has strived to make the complex clear. On this page, we will inform you about OSHA standard 1910.147 and the importance the standard has in creating a safer work environment. St. Claire will take you through this regulation step by step, answering all questions that you might have regarding Lockout/Tagout.

Our FAQ clarifies aspects of the lockout standard process that customers have asked us about over the years. Within the Lockout section, St. Claire shows the different types of hazardous energy sources and specific information about each source. We also provide access on this page to OSHA material that should help to answer any questions that might remain. Professional assistance is important in achieving compliance. Our list of clients, samples of work, and background should encourage you to choose St. Claire to assist you in reaching Lockout/Tagout compliance.

To build your own Lockout Tags, use the Lockout Tag Builder in the Sign Builder area.


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