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In this section, a series of case studies are presented for you to review. Each of the case studies is based on descriptions of Lockout/Tagout inspections derived from compliance interpretations, court decisions, Review Commission decisions, and inspection files. Following each case study scenario, you can walk through a series of questions and make decisions concerning the proper application of the Lockout/Tagout standard. After providing your answer, you will see an explanation that identifies and discusses the correct response.

When navigating through the Interactive Case Studies, keep in mind that the menu to navigate case studies and select specific questions for each case study is accessible from the individual "Case Study Discussion" page. This will allow the user to select case studies and questions in any order deemed appropriate for the user.

The case studies presented are:

  1. Printing Press Roll Cleaning
  2. Automotive Component Lubrication Robotics
  3. Replacement of Nitrogen Pressure Vessel Seals
  4. Multiple Energy Control Procedures
  5. Sour Water Pipeline Repairs
  6. Steel Mill Teeming Car Repairs
  7. Overhead Crane Servicing and Maintenance

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