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Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
29 CFR 1910.147

Periodic Inspection

What is the intent of the requirement for the employer to conduct periodic inspections?

To ensure that the energy control procedures continue to be implemented properly, that the employees are familiar with their responsibilities, and that any deviations or procedural inadequacies that are observed are corrected. (c)(6)(i); (c)(6)(i)(B)

How often must the inspection take place?

At least annually. (c)(6)(i)

Who performs the periodic inspection?

An authorized employee not involved in the energy control procedure being inspected. (c)(6)(i)(A)

What does the periodic inspection entail?

  • The employer must identify any deficiencies or deviations and correct them.
  • Where lockout is used, the inspector must review each authorized employee's responsibilities under the procedure with that employee (group meetings are acceptable). (c)(6)(i)(C)
  • Where tagout is used, the inspector must review both the authorized and affected employee's responsibilities with those employees for the energy control procedure being inspected, and the additional training responsibilities of 1910.147(c)(7)(ii). (c)(6)(i)(D)
  • The employer must certify that the periodic inspections have been performed.

What must the certification identify?

  • Identify machine on which the procedure was utilized. (c)(6)(ii)
  • Identify the employees included in inspection. (c)(6)(ii)
  • Identify person who performed the inspection. (c)(6)(ii)
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bulletScope and Application
bulletEnergy Control Program
bulletEnergy Control Procedures
   - Documentation
bulletEnergy Control Procedures
   - Required Content
bulletPeriodic Inspection
bulletEmployee Training and
bulletAdditional Training (Tagout System)
bulletEmployee Retraining
bulletNew or Modified Equipment
bulletFull Employee Protection
bulletMaterials and Hardware
bulletApplication of Energy Control
bulletRelease from Lockout/Tagout
bulletTesting of Machines
bulletOutside Personnel (Contractors)
bulletGroup Lockout/Tagout
bulletShift & Personnel Changes
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