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Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
29 CFR 1910.147

Release from Lockout/Tagout

The Lockout/Tagout standard includes requirements for releasing machines or equipment that have been locked out or tagged out prior to restoring energy to the equipment and using it. Before lockout or tagout devices are removed, and energy restored, what procedures must the authorized employee follow?

  • Machine/equipment inspection: The work area must be inspected to ensure that nonessential items (e.g., tools, spare parts) have been removed and that all of the machine or equipment components are operationally intact. (e)(1)
  • Positioning of employees: The work area must be checked to ensure that all employees have been safely positioned or have cleared the area. In addition, all affected employees must be notified that the lockout or tagout devices have been removed before the equipment is started. (e)(2)(i)-(e)(2)(ii)
  • Lockout or tagout device removal: Each lockout or tagout device must be removed from the energy-isolating device by the employee who applied the device. (e)(3)

What is the unique circumstance that allows an employee other than the one who applied the lockout/tagout device to remove the device?

When the authorized employee who applied the lockout or tagout device is not available to remove it, that device may be removed under the direction of the employer, provided that specific procedures and training for such removal have been developed, documented, and incorporated into the employer's energy control program. (e)(3) Exception

What steps must the employer take if an employee, other than the one who applied the lockout/tagout device, removes the device?

  • The employer must verify that the authorized employee who applied the device is not at the facility. (e)(3)(i)
  • The employer must make all reasonable efforts to contact the authorized employee to inform him/her that his/her lockout or tagout device has been removed. (e)(3)(ii)
  • The employer must ensure that the authorized employee knows that the lockout device has been removed before he/she resumes work at the facility.
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bulletScope and Application
bulletEnergy Control Program
bulletEnergy Control Procedures
   - Documentation
bulletEnergy Control Procedures
   - Required Content
bulletPeriodic Inspection
bulletEmployee Training and
bulletAdditional Training (Tagout System)
bulletEmployee Retraining
bulletNew or Modified Equipment
bulletFull Employee Protection
bulletMaterials and Hardware
bulletApplication of Energy Control
bulletRelease from Lockout/Tagout
bulletTesting of Machines
bulletOutside Personnel (Contractors)
bulletGroup Lockout/Tagout
bulletShift & Personnel Changes
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