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We offer services for any portion of your company's Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout/ Tagout program. Lockout placards are built in Microsoft Word, unless otherwise specified. We are multifaceted, and our technology can accommodate AutoCAD, CorelDraw, and other customer-requested platforms.

Our goal is to assist you in making your lockout program simple and efficient. We provide your company with electronic files, so you will not be vendor dependent regardless of the scope of work or software utilized.

St. Claire offers several levels of service to help you assure a safe working environment:

Corporate Standards

St. Claire plays an integral part in developing Corporate Standards for energy control lockout programs. Many Fortune 500 companies rely upon our expertise to create documents that cover all potential energy sources: primary, secondary, stored, and associated equipment.

This comprehensive specification survey ensures a safe working environment both within the plant and throughout the company for operators and maintenance personnel who work with the equipment.


TurnKey is a full-service operation. St. Claire surveys your equipment on-site, builds the draft placards and energy source tags, and returns to install the energy source tags. When the plant verification of drafts is complete and the drafts are returned to St. Claire, all changes are made, and the final laminated placard is produced. St. Claire returns to the plant to install the final placards.

Survey and Build

St. Claire personnel survey the equipment and build draft placards and energy source tags. The customer installs the tags, verifies the drafts, and returns the signed drafts to St. Claire for final production and delivery. Customer installs finals.


At this level, the customer surveys the equipment. St. Claire builds drafts and produces tags. Customer verifies drafts and returns to St. Claire for final build. Customer installs delivered finals.


St. Claire provides automated placard build software, training for equipment survey and build, and technical support. Customers create their own documentation in-house.

Temporary Staff

St. Claire also offers temporary staff to assist in bringing your plant into compliance.


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