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With our years of experience providing our customers with quality lockout/tagout documentation, St. Claire has earned its reputation as the leader in the industry. Besides our TurnKey service for surveying equipment and developing lockout placards, we now offer several lockout/tagout software packages.

Currently, St. Claire develops most lockout placards in Microsoft Word. We can accommodate other software programs at customer request, but MSWord is the preferred application. Building lockout placards in MSWord macros reduces the time our builders need to insert data or make changes. At St. Claire, we develop the lockout placard, and the customer approves it. When the draft verification process is complete, the customer receives the final placard plus a copy as an electronic file. This virtual placard copy allows Word users to modify the placard themselves should the equipment be moved or the location of energy sources be changed.

St. Claire's lockout software templates, Automated Build Macros, or DeEnergize, our own placard build automation software, are designed to help companies comply with OSHA standard 1910.147 by building or revising their placards in-house. This software provides several important features:

  • Exceeds OSHA regulations
  • Standardizes lockout/tagout written procedures
  • Reduces injuries through awareness of lockout/tagout
  • Reduces build time and costs
  • Allows independence from vendors

Whether you choose full-service or off-the-shelf placard development, St. Claire is your best choice.


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