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  • Adjacent machine/equipment - Machine/equipment that does not directly interact with the primary machine/equipment, but its location may be hazardous to persons servicing the primary machine.
  • Associated machine/equipment - Machine/equipment that interacts with the primary machine (equipment to be serviced or maintained). This interaction may be hazardous to persons servicing the primary machine.
  • Dissipate - Allow stored energy to run down or be used up after shutting off the primary energy source.
  • Draft copy - A preliminary black-and-white copy of the placard.
  • Final placard - The verified final color and laminated copy.
  • Main Disconnect - A lockout devices that is the first level of control for the primary machine.
  • Placard - A laminated sheet or sheets of detailed lockout machine-specific procedures that identify and describe energy sources, lockout/release locations and procedures, verify procedures, and lockout-related hazards. May include a machine layout on which the locations of energy sources and other hazards are marked.
  • Main energy - Any energy required to power the primary machine, such as electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic.
  • Primary machine - The machine that is to be serviced or maintained by authorized employees and that is of central convern in the development of specific lockout placarding. Unless otherwise indicated, the term "machine" in this manual refers to the primary machine.
  • Secondary disconnect - A disconnect for a particular main energy source in series with and downstream from the main disconnect and controlled by the main disconnect.
  • Stored energy - Any energy that remains hazardous after all the main energy sources to the machine have been shut off and locked out. Mechanical motion, gravity, residual pressure, are examples.
  • Single source - A machine or equipment that has a single energy source that can be readily identified and isolated: (single source point).


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