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Sign Builder DETM (Desktop Edition) is a commercial-grade software from St. Claire, Inc., for the creation of safety, industrial and general-purpose signs. You can respond immediately to any need for signage, without ordering from a catalog or waiting for delivery.

This versatile new program incorporates powerful features that simplify the creation of standard or custom messages. Sign Builder DE works with computers on the factory floor or anywhere else even if an internet connection is not available.

For detailed information about Sign Builder DE, please review the Sign Builder DE Reference Manual.

The most extensive library of vector-based graphics

At the heart of Sign Builder DE is a collection of more than 6,000 graphic images in 52 categories. Included are symbol sets for the most common safety messages covering chemical, electrical, fire and mechanical hazards. Dedicated libraries contain graphics for the standard permissions, prohibitions, and warnings required in OSHA, ANSI, or ISO messages. All images are precision-drawn vector files for crisp scale-up without loss of sharpness or legibility.

General-purpose images support a wide range of informational, directional, environmental and housekeeping messages. The collection even includes a comprehensive set of symbols used by the National Park Service (NPS). If you have something significant to say, Sign Builder DE has one or more images to make the message more effective.

A catalog of all included icons, pictograms and symbols can be found in the Sign Builder DE Reference Manual.

Complete set of OSHA, ANSI and ISO headers

Choose from 95 different sign headers in English, Spanish and French to create safety messages that comply with OSHA, ANSI, or ISO standards. With the pictogram library and the ability to insert any text, even a new user can create a virtually unlimited number of specific safety, operational, or maintenance messages.

A catalog of all included signal word headers can be found in the Sign Builder DE Reference Manual.

Automated simplicity

For all its versatility, Sign Builder DE is easy to use. Many of the most tedious aspects of sign creation have been incorporated as one-click features in the intuitive main panel. This provides a degree of control not offered in competitive commercial software, including the selection of overall background color.

Several important operations are completely automated for maximum convenience:

  • detection of all installed TrueType fonts
  • sizing of text to fit message space
  • determination of maximum sign size allowed by installed printers
  • placement of header, symbol and text elements

The unique preview screen not only shows how the finished sign will look, but it has an exclusive sliding scale that balances the relative size of graphics and text, to achieve optimum visual impact and verbal understanding.

System requirements

Sign Builder DE will run on most current Windows® operating systems:

  • Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • 100 megabytes of space on a hard drive
  • installed printer for output

Download or CD-ROM

Sign Builder DE can be delivered as a download or ordered on a CD-ROM. Just click on the 'Buy Now' button to go to the transaction page. At $299 this powerful messaging resource costs significantly less than software that is not as comprehensive, convenient, or versatile.

Respond immediately to practically any need for signage. No ordering from a catalog. No waiting for delivery. No dedicated hardware or media for output. Discover for yourself the benefits of having this stand-alone program resident in your operations. Examine the complete User's Manual at no charge. Just click on the button to download it immediately.

Note: To ensure proper delivery of our emails, add to your address book, trusted sender list or company white list. All software download orders are final. Thank you for your support.


Product Description
Sign Builder DE (Desktop Edition)
Instant Download (25,950 KB)
Sign Builder DE (Desktop Edition)
Boxed Installation CD-ROM**
and Instant Download (25,950 KB)

** Includes Shipping
Sign Builder DE Reference Manual
PDF (11,525 KB)


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