The Safety Sign Builder is very easy to use. Once you build a few signs you'll realize that the Safety Sign Builder is also very predictable and powerful. In order to use it, you will need Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or later and Adobe Acrobat Reader. To print your signs, you'll also need a color printer.

To begin building, follow the directions below and after a couple of tries you'll be an expert...


The first step is to select a sign size and background color. Use the Width and Height controls to set the size of your sign and then click the color you wish to use as the sign background color.

The default sign size is 11" wide and 8.5" height. The default background color is white.


A safety sign can be built with or without a header. By default, a header is not selected. Use the Sign Header control to select the header that is most appropriate for your safety sign. If you are not sure which header to use it's best to refer to your facility guidelines or applicable ANSI and OSHA standards.

For a list of available safety headers, you can acquire a Header Catalog by clicking on the View Catalog button on the top-right corner of the Sign Header panel section.


Safety signs can be enhanced through the use of an appropriate pictogram. Pictograms can be helpful in situations where personnel may have difficulty reading the sign text due to language barriers or disability.

For a complete list of available pictograms and their corresponding IDs, you can acquire a Pictogram Catalog by clicking on the View Catalog button on the top-right corner of the Pictogram Options panel section.

Once you know the ID of the pictogram you wish to use, you may select it utilizing the ID control. By default, the pictogram will appear before your message. If you wish it to appear after your message, check the After Text box.

The last pictogram option left is the pictogram color. Click on the color you wish to use as the pictogram color.

The default pictogram color is black.


Enter your safety message in the Sign Message text box. Your message can be upto 255 characters long. In situations where you wish to force a non-breaking space you can use the "underscore" character instead of using a space.

You can also change the message color. Click on the color you wish to use as the message color.

The default message color is black.


You should now be ready to build your safety sign. Click on the Build Sign button at the bottom-right of the panel. Shortly you'll see your sign appear. You can now save or print your sign.